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YX Technologies provides XE software to analyze and abstract complex VLSI circuits. With years of innovation and experience, we offer cutting-edge product to help and support design engineers to resolve the challenging difficulties for their complex chip designs.

XE Introduction 

XE inputs a hierarchical spice netlist, automatically classifies and derives circuit properties and logical equations for each net and transistor in the netlist, and stores these data in XE-Core engine. XE then back-annotates post-layout parasitics data into XE-Core engine . A typical netlist accepted by XE represents a complex, hierarchical custom circuit with transistors, diodes, capacitors and resistors.

XE Overview Tab 

  • XE is a Xtor (Transistor) Engine for a static analysis.
  • XE is a transistor-level tool for full-custom circuit design methodology that can perform static circuit checks, generate abstract verilog model, and generate spice deck to simulate circuit check reported issues.
  • XE emulates a circuit designer's analysis methodology, such as back-of-the-envelop calculations or creating small circuits to model and simulate the uncovered circuit issues.
  • XE automatically classify circuits using a rule-based approach to derive circuit properties and abstraction equations.
  • XE's Perl APIs for a perl-script implements circuit checks by accessing various circuit properties such as design hierarchies, CCRs (channel-connected region), pin directions, device sizes, net properties, and parasitics RC values, and other related information.
  • XE utilizes C++ native applications to analyze complicate circuit problems.
  • XE can handle mixed-mode design including passive devices such as diodes, resistors, and capacitors by providing various ways for user to indicate analog xtors while auto-classify limits number of common analog circuit families.
  • XE can analyze over 100M transistors and over 10GB extracted RC netlists within few hours of run-time.
  • XE has co-existing hierarchical and flat design data models. It can use pre-layout estimated RC if post-layout RC data is not available.
  • XE provides customized report that can includes netlist statistics, classified and unclassified circuits, and all circuit problems found for each user requested check. XE also produce a log file with lists of problems encountered during the run. XE offers the flexibility to customers by providing a user-directive. It allows customers to overwrite default XE tool setting based on customers' design requirement.
  • XE is an all in one static analysis product with comprehensive classify engine that requires no additional information beside tech file, user directives, netlist and physical information.

XE Core Tab

XE-Core engine automatically generates circuit analysis properties:

  • Design hierarchies and sub-circuit pin directions
  • Net properties include driver type, feedback driver type, receiver type, channel-connected region, effective width, clock and scan types, resistances and capacitances.
  • Transistor properties include circuit family type, signal flow direction, only-for-feedback usage, on scan-chain, only virtual-ground usage, physical dimensions, and device capacitances.

 XE Core

Typical Circuit Handled By XE-Core

 typical ckt diagram

Transistors: sense amp flop, 6T-ram, pull-down, pull-up, weak-feedback, inverter
Nets: wordline, bitline, ram-stored, precharge, inverter
Capacitance: on each transistor or net
Resistance: on each net 
Circuit hierarchies

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